Personalized Online Tutoring for Excellence

Commonwealth Tutoring is drawing out excellence in students through fully virtual, relationship-driven tutoring services that focus on personal breakthroughs and personal growth.

Tutoring That Goes Beyond Knowledge Transfer

We believe that every student has excellence within themselves. Our mission is to draw out the excellence that exists in every student through tutoring that focuses on achieving personal breakthroughs.

Focusing on Personal Growth and Breakthroughs

We help students reshape their ideas and feelings about learning and develop a mindset that embraces continuous learning as a lifelong journey. Our approach empowers students to commit to excellence on a fundamental level and emphasizes personal breakthroughs over knowledge transfer.

Innovative Outreach and Strategic Partnerships

We recognize that there is more than one way to succeed and strive to connect students to diverse pathways for success beyond traditional education. From internships to mentorships, our innovative outreach and strategic partnerships help students find the resources they need to achieve their goals and thrive.


We prioritize building sustainable relationships with students through our proprietary tutor-student matching system. The benefits of this system are largely backed by research and helps to ensure that each student is paired with a tutor who is the perfect fit for their unique learning style and needs.

Subjects Covered in Our Tutoring Programs​

Discover excellence with us. All our tutoring services are meticulously tailored for K-12 students and rigorously aligned with Virginia VDOE standards, ensuring mastery in subjects covered by the SOLs. Please note that topics are not limited to what is named below.


Master Numbers and Equations at Any Grade Level with Expert Guidance.



Navigate History and Social Studies with Expert Guidance.



Have Fun While Discovering the Wonders of the Natural World.



Master Reading and Writing Across All Literary Formats.



Speak and Write the World’s Languages with Confidence.



Achieve Top AP Scores and Unlock College Credits with Expert Guidance.



Learn How to Eliminate Test Anxiety and Pass Any Exam or Test With Targeted Test Prep.



Maximize Productivity By Embracing Independence and Building Effective Study Habits.


Our Simple and Fast Enrollment Process:

From the moment you apply to the time you meet your ideal tutor, we’ve designed a seamless, easy-to-follow process to ensure a perfect match and a successful tutoring experience. Here’s how it works:


Schedule a virtual meeting where we discuss your student's needs and goals, as well as address any questions you may have.

DISC Assessment

Our DISC assessment is not an academic assessment or test.

It is 5-10-minute questionnaire that helps us understand your student's personality.

It is a free service provided to students during onboarding and families can keep the results whether they choose to work with us or not. 


Our team reviews all gathered information while introducing you to our tools and processes. The previous assessment results and any additional information are used to formulate a personalized learning plan. 

Tutor Match

Based on our comprehensive review, we pair your student with a tutor who is an ideal fit for their academic and personal development needs.


 Once matched, your student embarks on a journey of academic and personal growth, with ongoing support and regular progress assessments to ensure continued success.

Empowering Virginia's Students through Online Tutoring

Dedicated to the welfare of our fellow Virginians, we are committed to nurturing the existing excellence within every student in the Commonwealth between grades 5-12 by providing personalized instruction and one-on-one attention as well as resources to help beyond the classroom.

Fostering Student Success: Unlocking Opportunities

In a struggling school system and amidst academic and social challenges, we educate families about diverse opportunities, including scholarships, apprenticeships, and practical paths in tech, entrepreneurship, and more. Each student’s career path is unique, and we advocate for their success. We even promote unique opportunities for students who are not yet preparing for college or the workforce.

Maximize Academic Success Through Personalized Tutoring

Our team of expert tutors is here to guide you every step of the way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about how we operate? Look no further than our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. We have carefully curated a list of common inquiries and provided answers to address them.

What subjects and grade levels do you cover?

Commonwealth Tutoring currently offers tutoring services for students in grades 5-12*, focusing primarily (but not exclusively) on Virginia’s core subjects as defined by the VDOE:

Core curriculum – The body of knowledge that all students are expected to learn in the subjects of English, mathematics, history, social science, and science.
VDOE Glossary of Education Terms

This includes, but is not limited to math, science, and language arts (reading and writing—literacy). Additionally, we have recently expanded to handle certain foreign languages, test prep, and more. We have plans to expand our subject offerings in the future as we continue to grow.

*In some cases, we will work with students under grade 5 if the student is reasonably able to be tutored online since we are not an in-person program.

Do you offer in-person tutoring services?

No. We are a 100% virtual tutoring program. All students will require a proper internet connection and a quiet environment in order for our sessions to be effective.

Can you offer tutoring sessions in subjects beyond math, science, and English?

While we can certainly attempt to pair your family with the right tutor, please note that as we are in our initial launch phase, there may be certain requests we are unable to fulfill at this time. Rest assured, we are actively working towards expanding our services to meet a broader range of needs.

Do you offer tutoring services for students outside of Virginia?

No. Right now, we only offer our tutoring services to students in the state of Virginia. We do not serve students in other states.

What is the cost structure for your tutoring services?

We offer a flat rate of $50 per hour per student for all our tutoring sessions. This transparent pricing ensures simplicity and consistency in our fee structure.

Can you accommodate students with special needs or learning differences?

While we can certainly attempt to pair your family with the right tutor, please note that as we are in our initial launch phase, there may be certain requests we are unable to fulfill at this time. Rest assured, we are actively working towards expanding our services to meet a broader range of needs.

How do you handle scheduling and rescheduling of tutoring sessions?

Our comprehensive service agreement covers all operational details. We maintain high standards for our tutors, emphasizing punctuality and professionalism. Similarly, we request our clients to maintain comparable standards. Please sign up for an initial consultation to receive a service agreement for your review.

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