READ HERE: Special Announcement: New Deadline for Virginia K-12 Learning Acceleration Grant Recipients

The Problem and The Opportunity

Families in Virginia who have received the K-12 Learning Acceleration Grant were awarded up to $3000. But there’s a catch—you must make at least one qualified purchase by September 1st, or the state will redistribute your funds.

However, you do not have to miss this chance to invest in your child’s education with the funds you’ve been awarded.

Transforming Education: A Golden Opportunity for Virginia Families

Commonwealth Tutoring is an Authorized Vendor on ClassWallet.

We provide online tutoring services in core academic subjects. We can guarantee enrollment in our tutoring program, producing the invoice that you need if you get in touch by Tuesday, August 29. Openings are filling fast, and families are saving hundreds of dollars by not procrastinating. More importantly, they are securing a brighter future for their children.

At Commonwealth Tutoring, we believe in the transformative power of education. We see learning as a lifelong journey, filled with personal breakthroughs and individual growth. Our approach goes beyond grades and standardized tests, focusing on wisdom, resilience, and effective research methods. We equip students to lead themselves and provide families with the tools to support them effectively.

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Distribution DateGrant AmountFirst Purchase DeadlineFinal Usage Deadline
Prior to Aug 14$1,500Sep 1, 2023Dec 30, 2023
Prior to Aug 14$3,000Sep 1, 2023May 30, 2024
After Aug 14$1,500Dec 1, 2023Dec 30, 2023
After Aug 14$3,000Dec 1, 2023May 30, 2024
  • Distribution Date: The date when the grant was awarded to the recipient.
  • Grant Amount: The total amount of money awarded through the grant.
  • First Purchase Deadline: The date by which the recipient must make their first eligible purchase using the grant funds.
  • Final Usage Deadline: The date by which any unused funds must be spent, or they will be returned to and redistributed by the State.